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Our team combines landscape design, construction and gardening knowledge to create an all in one landscaping company. We can help you transform your yard into the ultimate entertaining area or luscious garden you have in mind.

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Landscaping Mackay is a local business that provides top-quality paving services for commercial and residential property owners in Mackay, Queensland.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced landscapers who are committed to delivering top-notch results. Over the years, we have successfully served hundreds of clients, and our mission is to improve your homes and increase your quality of life.

Our professional craftsmanship allows us to tackle every new project with confidence. At Landscaping Mackay, no project is too small or too big. If you are looking for someone to pave your home’s outdoors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

There are a few factors that go into choosing the right paving material including colour, design and functionality. Once our landscaping team has helped you install the best pavers for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy them with your family and friends and will have increased the value of your property.

paving professional laying bricks
concrete paving in back yard

Pavers are a great alternative to other hard landscaping surfaces such as concrete or decking as they offer the upside of being porous.
As opposed to permitting water to wash off into the road and into watersheds, the sand-filled joints in pavers allow water to douse down into the ground instead of washing ceaselessly. At Landscaping Mackay, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of pavers who understand different paving materials’ properties. Depending on your budget and style, our professional paver will assess your site and recommend the right solution as per your situation. We also offer landscape design, construction and gardening services.

Choosing the perfect pavers

Regarding picking the correct pavers for your garden, there is a wide range of options. Factors, such as where the pavers will be grounded and how much traffic they see should all be considered. Here are the top things you ought to consider while picking your own pavers.

First, design is an important factor, and it refers to the shape and colour of the paver. Regarding shape, there are several options to choose from, such as ordinary tiles, interlocking shapes, arbitrary shapes, or a more normal stone look. Second, the type of material is an important factor to take into consideration.

landscaper laying bricks
modern home with paving in mackay

Paving Materials

There are a wide range of famous materials utilized for pavers. For example, red block pavers are phenomenal, with splendid red shading and uniform look. These do require more maintenance than other types of pavers. Likewise, bluestone pavers are some of the best money can buy, exceptionally tough and customizable; however, they can be very costly because of the uncommonness of bluestone.

The commonly used paving materials include concrete, cobblestone, marble, and brick. The third aspect to consider is the purpose of the paver. Note that pavers are used differently depending on their features. For instance, a paver that is useful for a yard and grill region may not be ideal for a garage or nursery way. 


Creating a patio in your garden can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Paving your patio is one way of making your home more beautiful and valuable. Based on your lifestyle and preference, you can choose a type that fits you. If you have an large space that requires improvement, paving slabs are ideal for patios and paths. Your patio will look great if you use paving blocks to add a decorative edging around it.

The blocks are available in single-sized or mixed-sized packs, depending on how you want your area to look. Carpet stones offer a lot of flexibility, and they can be trimmed to any size and shape. If the area you want to pave is irregularly shaped, you can use carpet stones there. With many years of industry experience, we are familiar with using different styles to pave patios, driveways, paths, backyards, and many more.

At Landscaping Mackay, we are adept at using different pavers to improve your home. We are always willing to share our knowledge and paving experience with customers and clients. So whether you have a question, need a free quote, or would like to book our services. Call the team today or submit for a quote using the form on the page. We look forward to working with you to create your beautiful new patio or pathway.